How to Brew Your Own Beer at Home in 10 Simple Steps

home beer brewing kitHome brewing doesn’t need to be difficult nor does it have to be on the same scale as commercial beer brewing. It is a fun and rewarding hobby that anyone can do. Brewing for your use is Eco-friendly and budget wise. You will be able to skip paying the high price for bottling and distribution. You can also create these beverages to be organic or tailored to your personal taste.

The increase in brewing supplies store and the availability of tailored home brewing ingredients, has made many beer lovers to venture in brewing their beer at home according to the flavors they want. I also take time off mowing grass at my hay field, to brew a few bottles for the weekend. The main steps involved in beer brewing include the following;Read more

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Beer Grain Efficiency

home beer brewing 2The process of improving beer-grain efficiency requires constant innovative thinking and improvement of each step of the brewing process. At all times, your equipment must be kept performing at the optimal levels. There are a number of ways a brewer can incorporate in their system, to increase beer efficiency. Use of modern technology such as green energy solutions present an excellent way to improve brewing efficiency in the whole process.

This guide looks at some relatively simple ways and techniques that home-brewers can use, to increase the effectiveness of their brew.Read more

Using the Hops Techniques for Brewing the Perfect Beer at Home

hopsHome beer brewing has increased in popularity in the recent past. This is not only attributed to a large number of beer lovers but also the ease and cost effectiveness of brewing beer at home. One of the key stages of beer brewing is hopping which is mostly combined with the extract brewing processes.

Hopping involves adding hops into the malt extract boil that is commonly known as the wort. The essence of this process is to add flavor and sometimes aroma to the drink. During hopping, the hops are measured before being added to the extract brew. Many hops techniques can be used for hopping, depending on the type of beer one is brewing.Read more

Techniques For Cooling and Maintaining Temperature During Fermentation

beerControlling the temperature of your actively fermenting wort is one of the best ways to improve the quality and flavor of your beer. If you ferment above the ordinary temperatures, you may produce excessive fruity-flavored esters or even harsh flavored fusel alcohol. Many home brewers lack any excellent means of maintaining fermentation temperatures in the required range. This is the reason majority of them turn to fermenting their wort under the coolest environment.Read more

Tips to Assist Home Brewers Brew the Best Beer at Home

bottled beerThe act of brewing your own beer can be both exciting task as well as a daunting challenge. Home brewing is not as difficult or expensive as most people perceive it to be. The freshness of well-brewed home beer can change your drinking habits forever. In fact, once you learn how to brew quality beer at home, you will never go back to commercial beers.

Whether you have been brewing for a long time, or this is your first time, the following tips will help you make the best beer at home:Read more

Choice of Beer Brewing Water – Analyzing Mineral Constituents in Water for Brewing Purposes

waterWater constitutes to about 90 percent of your beer. The kind of water you choose to brew beer with makes a difference in the final state of the beer. The minerals present in the water can affect the starch conversion of your grains. The best water for pilsners will typically be the worst water for stouts and vice versa.

Brewing water plays an imperative role in the final flavor of your home-brewed beer. When you know the characteristics of water source and also how to adjust the water properties, you will be able to produce the exact flavor of beer that you want.Read more

A Guide to Beer Recipe Formulation

dark beerAre you tired of brewing other people’s recipes? Do you want to learn the basics of recipe formulations, from making an ingredient list to choosing the right techniques? The fine art and science of formulating a beer recipe from scratch is an involving process. This guide will cover these questions. We shall also discuss issues dealing with complexity, balance, and harshness in dark grains.Read more

Essential Equipment and Ingredients Needed in Beer Brewing

home beer brewingThe basic home brewing equipment is not that all expensive and you can get started with a budget of less than $100. This guide is prepared for those who want to break free from kit brewing and explore new ways to enhance their beer. Everything in this guide can be found at your local brewing supplies store or at the online shops. To get started, you need the following:Read more

An Overview of the Beer Brewing Process

amber beerThe beer has been brewed and enjoyed for thousands of years and in many countries throughout the world. It remains one of the highly taken beverage. Beer is the products of fermenting cereal grains with other few ingredients used in its manufacture. The four main ingredients used are water, hops, malt, and yeast. Water is the main ingredient, and the type of water plays a vital role in the finished product.

Below outlines a brief overview and description of the fundamental steps in beer brewing.Read more